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Featured Artist for March 2007
Charlie Sand, age 15
An Artist's Reception will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2007, from Noon to 4 p.m..

Our 3rd Locke Artists' “Potluck Critique”
was held on Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 6 p.m., in front of the Dai Loi Museum
Seventeen artists attended, twelve showed works which were critiqued by the group,
many brought dishes of food to share, and about 30 people were present.
Ernie's Mulligan Stew was a big hit, for St. Patrick's Day.
The critique was held on Main Street in front of Ning Hou's Gallery.

“Self Portraits & Other Real People”
An Artists' Reception including light hors d'oeuvres
Herringer Estates wine, and non -alcoholic beverages
was held from 12 to 3 p.m. Saturday, January 13, 2007.

“The Scenic Beauty of the Delta”
by Local Artists, a reception was held December 9 & 10, 2006, Noon - 3 pm on both days

CLICK HERE for photos of the Aviation Art Show

which was held November 18th and 19th by Martha Esch & Guest Aviation Artist Robert Karr

      November 2006 - Martha traveled to New York to meet with a group of Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome volunteers and staff members and while there, she presented a multi-media show on her week at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in 1988. She also met and shot these pictures of friend and Aviation Artist Mike O'Neal with two of his paintings.

Robert and Cecilia Karr traveled from Southern California to grace one of our gallery walls with his incredibly detailed aviation paintings for our First Aviation Art Show.

      October 2006 - Our GRAND OPENING was a great time. CLICK HERE for photos of this fun event.

      September 2006 - Steve Bohnstedt, a local delta resident, cabinet maker and aspiring painter, is creating an exclusive line of wood "Traditional" and customized "Art Noveau" palettes of his own designs for us to sell. They are beautiful works of art in themselves.

      September 20, 2006 - Myriam Beltran, Editor of River News-Herald visited Locke for the first time. Martha gave her the town tour and Myriam did her part to try to lend support to the Locke's famous "most leaning" building.

      August 23, 2006 - Very, Very, Sad News...

      August 2006 - Dennis Westerling's latest painting provokes a passionate critique from fellow brush and palette artists, Chris Spencer and Ernie Wester. (photos by martha)

      July 2006 - While Charlie paints the back of the Chinese Restaurant en plein air, his sister, Mary is a parade of one down Main Street in Locke. (She is practicing for another parade).

      July 2006 - Martha's painting of Aviator Dave King as The Black Baron is featured on a very popular Aerodrome Forum discussion thread - click HERE to read it (be certain to read all of the pages).

      June 3, 2006 - Saturday - The Annual Chili Cook-off in Locke - 30 chili vendors heated up Main Street. People came for a fun time and great chili and had both - our favorite booth presentation was Road Kill Chili. People also bought hand-painted T-shirts and...

... motorcycle portraits by Martha at our studio! Bruce enjoyed painting the scene - hope to see you and your friends here next year.

      May 30, 2006 - Our first Tuesday Studio Session, Ernest Wester, also known as "Ernie of Locke," was our first session model, fabulously dressed in period clothing as a handsome logger from the Early West. He brought along antique tools and a canvas water bag to add to the scene. Wow!

      May 27, 2006 - Our beautiful new gallery sign, hand-painted by Martha, was installed by a goodly number of assistant sign hangers under the watchful eyes of an undetermined number of project superintendents.

      May 26, 2006 - Martha and Maynard Ferguson, as he autographs her painting after his Porterville concert. Also, her portrait of Maynard Ferguson painted in 1975, as noted.

      May 25, 2006 - Martha's current portrait of famed musician Maynard Ferguson being worked on. Just one of many "artworks in progress" in our studio.

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