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Our “AVIATION, AVIATORS and AVIATRICES” - November 18 & 19, 2006

Robert Karr, Special Visiting Guest Aviation Artist from Westminster, CA who creates incredibly detailed airbrushed
and fine brush WWI aeroplane art, and his wife Cecilia Karr discuss aviation art collections with long-time friends and
art collectors, Jim and Nancy from Rancho Cordova, CA.

Nancy, from Rancho Cordova checks out the incredibly detailed, hand-painted rib
stitching on Special Guest Aviation Artist Robert Karr's painting of a WWI 1917 SE-5A.

Nine artists paintings are currently on exhibit in the spotlight room at Artworks in Progress with the
"Miniature Paintings Show" including paintings by delta artists: Donna Anderson, Ernest Wester,
Jerry waterworth, T.J. Owens, Steven Bohnstedt, Charlie Sand, Mary Sand, and Martha Esch.
Pictured L to R are: Ernest Wester, Robert Karr, Jerry Waterworth, Martha Esch.

November 2006 "Aviation Art" and "Miniature Paintings" shows on currently at
Artworks in Progress Fine Art Gallery & Studio in Locke.
Showing Artists L to R: R. & C. Karr, E. Wester, M. Esch, S. Bohnstedt.

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